Did it, Finished, Done

The rain was not going to let up on Monday. Its dreary gloom didn’t do a thing for the contrariness of some of the grandchildren. The few business people who called me today I’m sure weren’t too happy either as they had been dealing with hurricane Florence. They all were a bit on the “no-nonsense-lets- get this-over” tone when first starting out in the calls. I don’t think I could blame them at all. I did give it my best effort to be humorous to lighten the situation, offering a “funny” here or there when appropriate. Patience is key. Both caller and the answerer.

Eventually the beautiful sun did show its warm face and chased away much of the darkish clouds that had been in overhang mode a good deal of the weekend and beyond. I did smile all day yesterday in spite of the drizzle of wet all over my area. Plus….and I don’t know who could resist this one….I was gifted not ONE tall coffee but TWO!!

Yes. Definitely. My day was on its way to being a great day.

So I say to you. Smile more. Humbleness is also a sign of maturity. And also opens your heart and mind to appreciating. That gives way to….happiness…not only in a coffee.

****As the evening is getting here, I’m ready for it. Finished. Done. Bedtime soon.

See you later in the week unless I find something else to talk about.


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