Wait….What’s Mine Is Theirs…..???

Somehow.. that doesn’t sound right.

Good. You agree. Thank you.

I always thought your kids are in a way… obligated to get into your stuff and claim it as theirs.

Ok, so I was semi- cool with that but I had 4 kids!!!! You know I had to lock that down to a no trespass zone at times.

As the years went by, I assumed my children understood that Mom is allowed to own things she doesn’t have to share. Hah! I could believe that fairy tale with all my heart as long as I wanted….. and as long as I didn’t go looking for item x that one of my darling angels “borrowed” from me…never to be seen again.

Do you know that includes a towel here and there for when my oldest one was working on his vehicles and just had to grab a couple of my towels…..and do you think my son looked for the oldest ones? Raggedy ones? No!

Why, you ask, did he need towels?

I stopped asking by that time.

When certain kitchen items (my favorite wok, a particular iron skillet, ceramic bowls) vanished into thin air…

Then came the day when I got a dog. By that time I had a few medical issues and my daughter-in-law took care if me. One day shortly after we combined homes for practical use, I walked into her kitchen and saw MY cast iron skillet, wok, and can opener.

The dog didn’t disappear. He’s still with me.



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