its a blog …ok?

And so we begin.

……..(hour later…)

Ok. I spoke with an ex husband of mine the other day …[the one who our children are still mad at me for over our divorce] (another blog down the road), and we discussed our daughter….again. We have two of them.

This one is the daughter who forgets she is a girl. I’m not talking about being without properly applied make-up and lightly done but just right, not even saying in any way that her style of dress is that which could confuse a person to guess what sex she was. No. I’m talking about this nicely made up beautiful young woman of twenty-eight who dresses appropriately kind of acts like a …well… tom-boy still. She still will get into skirmishes.

Of course her dad is in the support lane, making sure he doesn’t get any of that [OMG I’m so mad at you mom] angry stuff leftover from childhood days (he and I divorced 14 1/2 yrs ago).  Its time to act adult-like, right? Sort of how some of her friends do? Maybe its not for her….. yet.

In any case, the ex is not to be counted on for support in this area. He will remain loved to a fault, huggable and very glad he is not me.






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